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  • Eliza


    I am wondering what the "Chat Opened" event action means. Does this indicate that the user has engaged with the web widget (ie. tried to self-serve by asking their question using the web widget)? Or does this mean that the user has clicked the "Submit a Request"/"Live Chat" option because their self-service attempt was unsuccessful?

    I am asking because we are trying to track engagement with the web widget against live chats started/offline messages submitted, to determine whether users are able to self-serve or proceed to contact us. 

  • Daniel Aron

    Hi Eliza, thanks for your feedback! "Chat Opened" means that the user has interacted with Chat in some way, such as selecting the "live chat" contact option to open the pre-chat form or go straight to Chat. Currently, the Google Analytics events we support for the Web Widget are limited to Chat only, however we are planning to provide other events for self-service and other channel interactions in future. In the meantime, you could try looking at Support Reporting > search filtered to Web Widget to see common search terms, average number of results and click-through rate to get a sense of self-service activity.

    I'd love to hear more about the events and metrics you'd like to see to track engagement and self-service.

  • Dylan Cunniffe

    Hi Daniel,


    Is it possible to send these events to any other analytics service? We are moving away from Google Analytics to Heap Analytics for our customer behaviour tracking, so it would be great if we could surface these events in a single tool.

  • Daniel Aron

    Hi Dylan, thanks for the feedback. This is not possible currently, however supporting pushing events to other analytics tools is something we're considering for the future.

  • Colvin


    Is it possible to know where user click zendesk chat. I need to know in witch URL users click zendesk chat. 

    For example, 50% of my users click at product page, or 30% click zendesk chat at checout. 


  • Ramin Shokrizadeh

    Hi Colvin,

    You can build a custom report in Google Analytics looking at the page URL and the Chat Opened event.


  • Mayra Chávez torres

    I need an account to sopporte

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Mayra!

    It looks like you may have posted to the wrong place. This is the public technical support knowledge base for Zendesk Chat.

    If you are trying to reach Zendesk, please click the "get help" button in the lower right corner of your screen.


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