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  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Lauren!

    This is an interesting scenario, and I'd like to understand it better. So I have some questions. :)

    • Why do you need to redact phone numbers from tickets?
    • Do you need to remove email addresses as well?
    • Do you just need to remove this info from the tickets, or are you removing it from the user profiles as well?
    • Why are you merging the user profiles into one general use profile? It seems like this would ultimately create more work if the same customer calls again; you'd have to repeat the process every time.

    Any more detail you can provide will be really helpful!

  • Lauren R

    Hi Jessie,

    The callers are required to remain anonymous, and we are not allowed to store their information. This is firm, and there's no leeway on this. It's a legal issue. Because of anonymity, we have no idea who may call, and at no point do we collect their email addresses. The reason we're merging into a general profile is so we can maintain that anonymity and not store their phone number anywhere. Once we merge into that general user, we can then go delete the phone numbers. As a side note, we do use the redaction app but it does not remove comments made via Talk, so those #s currently can't be deleted and we have a ticket open on this. We are not sure which options we have other than not using the VOIP/Talk feature for our account. 

  • Andrew J
    Community Moderator

    Hello Lauren,

    For the first one and third point - Is there some macro applied or predictable action that you can use to get a tag added to the ticket?  Maybe it is all calls coming in? That would allow you to action a trigger and will take care of being able to create tags and views...

    If you use a macro to remove the tag once completed, you'll have a view that is only the ones yet to be merged... a to-do list :)

    I also note you can now list people under Manage> People, via tags... so that is a view already in place.  

    There is no bulk action for merging users though sorry. Merging users in bulk I think would only be possible via the API.



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