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  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    Hi Morgan, 

    It looks like you are trying to combine User and Ticket data which would result in some strange or non-existent results.  What you'd want to look at is metrics and attributes that are in the Ticket data model for this.  While agents are doing the work, your time data is stored on the ticket level. 

    For the how, you may consider using Updater which will allow you to capture time for updates that were made where the user was not the assignee on the ticket. On your filters, you can use Updater Role to remove end users to filter your results down.  You can also just use Updater as a filter and choose your three people. 

    For your date, I would consider looking into Date (Ticket Updated).  This should give you a more accurate snapshot by looking at the ticket data instead.

    Try this: 

    What: Total time spent (hours)

    How: Updater, Date (Ticket Updated)

    Filter: Date (Ticket Updated), Updater


  • Morgan King

    I don't seem to see Date (Ticket Updated) listed in my available attributes, is there something I'm missing that I need to set up?

    Also, it says Updater is unavailable for the Total time spent (hours) metric -


  • Morgan King

    Would Date (User Updated) work as well?

    I also found another identifying ID we are using for employees that I can sort by instead of their actual updater name and filter the right updaters.

  • Guy Dee

    Hi Morgan!

    Date (User Updated) isn't relevant in the context of tickets. That attribute tells you when a user's user profile was last updated, not when any particular ticket action took place. It can't be used for Time Tracking data. Also, the attribute User Name in the context of tickets refers to the ticket's requester, not its assignee or the user who updated the ticket.

    I'd recommend revisiting the Time Tracking metric setup article, since it sounds like the metric may not be configured correctly. The metrics defined in this article can be sliced and filtered by Updater and by Date (Event), and since you're seeing that this isn't possible I suspect the metric may be built differently than the recommended setup.

    Once you've verified that your metric is built correctly, I'd recommend following the third article in the series to set up a leaderboard of agent activity. This isn't an exact match for your use case, but it'll be a good starting point to get Time Tracking data for each agent, and you can use this report as a baseline for other reports you wish to set up.

    I hope this helps get you up and running!

  • Morgan King

    Oh geeze, you were right! The metric was not configured correctly - I don't know what I was thinking or doing when I set it up initially but it was WAY off. Everything is working great now! Thank you so much!


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