TTY Support



  • Michel
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Jorma, 


    I was recently looking into this and Zendesk has no native way to support TTY. 

    I was reading about tty on this website: and I see that the TTY aspect is handled on the hearing impaired's end. There are TTY systems that can connected to the phone and doing the transcription. 


    Unfortunately, we do not have any app to integrate with on our marketplace but I would assume that the TTY systems are able to be attached to any type of phone and allow the transcriptions and the communication between an agent and a hearing impaired user. I hope this makes sense, if you do have any other question, feel free to submit a ticket with us.



  • Dion Davis

    This should have a ticket, as depending on industry the fine received by the client could be a very hefty fine if not TTY compliant.


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