Talk, text change ticket source?



  • Gab
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Eric,

    There should be another trigger set up that will send out the response to the customer via text. Set the trigger's actions to Text user > (requester); make sure to use the appropriate placeholder to include the agent's comment(s).

    In your case, wherein the ticket is via the email channel, you may add a condition that will "convert" the ticket to SMS. One way to implement this is to place a tag on a ticket if you want to send your next response through a text message, and then add a condition statement that will make the trigger fire on the ticket if it contains this particular tag. This will allow you to easily change the channel of communication between email and SMS. Note: when setting up this trigger, use the same conditions stated for the trigger - Notify requester of comment update. 

    Hope this helps. Thanks Eric!



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