How to send a notification to an email address outside the business hours?



  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Hey Benjamin - 

    Yes, you should be able to create a trigger to do this. 

    You would want to have two conditions: 

    Status is new and Within (schedule) is (after hours) 

    and then action would be: 

    Email user'

    You would need to have the after hours schedule set up first, that can be found under settings. 

    Let me know if this works or if you have any additional questions!

  • Dendi Pradigta
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    Hi Nicole, 

    I have the same question. Would you mind to describe more details within (schedule) is (after hours)?

    Currently, I have set the business hour from 9.00am to 6.00pm (Mon-Friday).

    At this stage, it will be better send a notification to the customer that we will check the ticket on the business hour only. Could you please give us the sample how we can get this. I mean, what value should be set on the condition.

    In addition, I have never seen "new" ticket on my zendesk. Is new status automatically changed to open?

    Thank you.

  • Gretchen Ladd
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    Hi Dendi,

    To clarify, if you only have one schedule (Professional plan) you can use the trigger condition Ticket: Within Business Hours? > Is > No. You would only need to use Ticket: Within (schedule) if you have multiple schedules set up (Enterprise).

    I would also recommend using the condition Ticket > Is > Created to make sure it fires on all newly created tickets. New status indicates that the request was received but that it has not been opened and has not been assigned to an agent, so it's possible that you're not seeing this status very much if you have triggers which automatically assign tickets when they are created.

    So if you want to send a response when a customer creates a ticket outside of your business hours, you could simply clone your Notify Requester of Received Request trigger, add the condition Ticket: Within Business Hours? > Is > No, and edit the body of the email response to indicate that you will respond to the ticket during your next business hours.

    I hope this helps - if I can clarify anything please let me know!


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