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  • Alexander Rexroad
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    That is an absurd way to handle any digital asset in a content management system.  The images, upon upload, are going somewhere and are stored there.  From all of the posts I've seen in the community, the ask is just to expose the ability for content authors to update those images either to edit or replace them.

    Having to deal with image management in the current version of Guide makes is almost unusable.  I am pulling images from as many of our pages as I can at the moment, given there appears to be no development around this.

  • Ryan McGrew
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    Hey All,

    A quick reply here as there are a few things going on. First of all, this is something we are working on as part of a larger effort around being able to re-use snippets of text and images between articles in Guide. This has been a long running initiative and we are targeting to have an EAP available for customers to sign up for in the next few weeks. The first version will focus on reusing text and then following on to dealing with images.

    Beyond that, I'd like to explain a bit about why things are they way that they are right now. An article has a visibility permission which defines who can see it. For an author that is trying to make information private or only available to a few users, this is very important. The expectation is that any assets or image used in that article should adhere to the same permissions as the article. We have some customers that produce things like confidential market research or HR information that can be very sensitive. Therefore, our default stance to date has been that sharing assets between articles should not be possible as there's a potential for data leakage or unintentional exposure of information.

    This stance has, unfortunately, made it more difficult for authors to maintain and update screenshots and text across multiple articles. That's why over the last year we've been research and engineering a better solution. In short, we've been working to re-architect our asset and article services to allow for this type of functionality, while still preserving the stated functionality above for those customers who need it. We're very excited to start seeing customers start using this new system in the near future.

    I know that progress can feel slow, but the nature of a large SaaS platform requires us to move forward while still supporting the customers we have today. Thanks for your patience and your feedback.

  • Rachel Lama
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    Is there any headway on this feature?  We, too, have several images that we use across multiple articles that would be nice to be able to update all at one time.  This feature would be extremely beneficial for us.


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