Forwarding a bounced email will wrongfully suspend ticket as automated response mail


  • Mindaugas Verkys
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    All suspension options are not working properly. Only Spam and Looping looks good.

    All other options should be optional.

    Many automated response emails has the same issue as yours. Our IT department works also under Zendesk, so when someone has email issues and try to submit a ticket for Delivery Failure, Vocation OOO not working and etc. everything gets suspended. 
    Also office admin order Tickets, Food and etc. waiting for invoices, but they also get suspended as automated response emails.

    Most odd thing that emails are included in the while list, but suspension just ignore that. 

  • Michael Goh
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    My response to a colleague who is frustrated with Zendesk's overzealous suspension rules...
    Automated response mail
    This is used when the email header indicates that the message is an auto-generated email of any kind.
    I agree this one demonstrates where Zendesk has become a little too enthusiastic with identifying spam emails. Consider a scenario where users who initially sent an email to an incorrect address, having received a “Delivery Failed” response from their email server, they then forward that email into the correct Zendesk support address. Unfortunately the email header still indicates an automated response, because technically the user hasn’t added any content, they simply forward it on. Zendesk will deem these to be spam, and hence suspend the ticket. As per link below, there are others who have raised this with Zendesk. Hopefully in future they will allow administrators more control of what constitutes a suspended ticket, but for now you’ll have to monitor the suspended tickets view for rare instances where Zendesk gets it wrong.
  • Mindaugas Verkys
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    We run our script on server to recover all these tickets. :) 

    Already many times said that Suspensions should be optional and white list should on top of suspensions.


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