Why does Facebook integration pull in comments from posts for only one week?


  • Odelia Shiron

    Need this too thanks!

  • Wojciech Łapka

    We need this! It's ruining whole idea of integration for many companies, it's bizzare that this gets almost no attention.  

  • Ahmed

    +1 I Don't why it was designed in this was Bizzare indeed.

  • Joe Cardillo

    +1 please fix this feature, even extending it to several weeks would be helpful, but certainly longer than 1 week. We'll probably have to switch products and remove this from our stack if it can't be adjusted.

  • Becca Gillam

    +1 Our posts receive comments for many weeks. This is causing additional man power to back on the live feed in FB.

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Community Moderator

    Hi everyone, could this be happening because of the way you've set Facebook comments to be created in Zendesk?

    There are two ways to set it up: each comment is added to the main ticket VS each comment creates a new ticket.

    I just tried posting a comment to a Facebook post from August, and the corresponding ticket was created. I'm guessing this is because my main ticket (our FB account original post) is never set to Solve.

    Summing up my setup:

    1. Facebook is set up so that new post comments create new tickets

    2. The Zendesk end users who are, in fact, our Facebook Page accounts all belong to an Organization named "DO NOT MERGE" (agents used to in the past)

    3. If a ticket is created and Organization = "DO NOT MERGE", we assign to Group X (not a support Group, can be Admins, Supervisors, etc) + we tag it + (...).

    4. No business rules apply to these tickets; they will be forever open and Group X is filtered out of all dashboards. I.e. the original FB ticket (our post) doesn't count.


    What I'm assuming is that at some point the the main ticket is Solved and Closed. And because the integration was set up to "Comments on a post are added to the same ticket", which is now Closed, the updates fail..?

  • James Bednar

    This is incredibly frustrating.  At a minimum make this a configurable setting with the default being 7.  

  • DJ Hartel

    The Facebook setting should be configurable.   Many of my clients would like a much longer time frame.

  • Kelsey Davis

    I agree! Even extending it to several weeks would be helpful, but certainly longer than 1 week. We've just found unanswered posts which we weren't aware of and this doesn't look good on a public channel.


    Also are you saying if we have it set to create a ticket per comment, this wouldn't happen?

  • Khajik Khajadourian

    +1 to this. We need to get tickets generated from posts that are older than a week. 

  • Ashlyn Trehern

    We just transferred to ZD and this is ruining our experience. Please extend way longer than a week. How does this even make sense? 

  • Wout

    Pedro Rodrigues: Our integration is set up with "New post comments create new tickets" and this doesn't solve the issue. This really makes no sense. Is there any update on this?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Wout,

    This is actually expected behavior so I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. For normal posts, comments will only create tickets for up to a week. If it's an ad posted on your wall, we will continue pulling comments for up to a year.

    I'll be sure to pass your feedback along to our Product Managers!

  • Nicole Cameron

    Hi guys, just adding our account to the list needing this feature.

    Currently, I'm having to use our social media management tool to monitor comments on wall posts, due to the integration limitations. We really need to be across everything that is posted on our FB wall, no matter how long ago the post was, so having no limits around this would be ideal.



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