Phone Queue Customization



  • Caroline Kello

    Hey Jim,

    You can view the longest wait time on the Talk Dashboard page for calls currently in the queue (viewing the Current Queue Activity section) and you can use the APIs to get the max queue wait time for the day. Max queue wait time is defined as "Maximum time caller spent in queue waiting to be routed to an agent". Does this help?

    Thanks, Caroline

  • Jim Bowling

    That's great info Caroline and much appreciated. Here is an example of what I, poorly, described:  We would like to see something like this but understand it could take a while, if at all.  We could also, possibly, develop this internally if we can grab the data from Talk somehow.

  • Caroline Kello

    You should be able to pull that information from the current queue activity API and agents activity API and build something custom out of that! That's quite a popular setup :) 

    We don't have anything on the immediate roadmap to change our native dashboard so building something custom is the best option for the moment. 


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