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    Mike Mortimer
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    Hi Keela, with the current Answer Bot Widget experience we don't force any type of user identification before you can start engaging with Answer Bot to answer your questions - unfortunately that means we simply don't have the user data to be able to attach to those tickets which are created against these unknown users. 

    Once we expand the experience to support restricted content and authenticated users if you did set that up correctly where you are able to accurately identify authenticate the user and pass this into the Answer Bot / Widget experience, we could / would be able to tie these to the real, identified user.

  • Keela
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    Got it, thank you. I appreciate your response and look forward to future enhancements for AB. Have a great weekend. :)

  • Madhavan Buddha
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    @ Mike- Please help us with the following issue:

    We are able to capture tickets only when Answerbot answers correctly i.e. only when the end user clicks "Yes, the article was helpful". But, we don't get any tickets if the user clicks "No, the article did not help" or simply doesn't select any response (even if responses may have been correct). So, we don't know how many times Answerbot  answered incorrectly/provided unsatisfactory responses nor how many times end users did not select any feedback response. The dialogue between Answerbot and end user is not available in the database. Could you fix this or suggest where we can get this insight ?

    Another issue is that we are not able to see who the end user is in these answerbot interactions. We need this information as well.


  • cseguier
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    Hi everybody,

    Ive got a similar problem as Bouddha. When I've got a "yes", I don't have a ticket. When I've got a "no", the user could leave us a message, and so in this case, I've got a ticket on zendesk. But I need a support ticket on my zendesk even if it is a "Yes because we apply the tag on every ticket created in adequacy with the topic..

  • Mike Mortimer
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    Hi, we are extending the Insights reporting to be able to review all interactions through Widget/SDK/API (not just the ones that result in a ticket when a user marks their request as solved. This is expected in the coming weeks. 

  • Allison S
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    Hi all!

    Had a quick question in regards to this topic:

    We would like to filter out the Answer Bot solved tickets from the Web Widget (which are known as ‘Unknown Answer Bot’) so we made a few attempts at adding tags to those types of tickets in which we were unsuccessful.

    Here’s the steps we took:

    1. Ask question in Web Widget
    2. Click on article and click “yes” to solve the request
    3. When we went into the ticket, we did not see the answer_bot_solved tag even though we set it up that way.

    We tried to add a tag to the organization as well, but it didn’t save.

    Any thoughts on how we can add the solved tag to these types of requests?

    Thank youin advance for your help!

  • Céline Lecoq
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    As far as I am concerned and thinking like our DPO, the fact that the user is undefined in Zendesk Support is a good thing. Since he was not loggedin, and juste wanted an information, and had no need to contact us since the answerbot gave the correct article, then there is no reason for the person to be registered in zendesk support as a user since he did not ask for it.

    So, the current way it works, is a good thing regarding personnal data.


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