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  • Bastian Solutions

    To my knowledge, Zendesk doesn't have a way to automate this without using a 3rd party tool. I've tried numerous ways to auto assign using automations and triggers but didn't have any success. I eventually had to create fields within the user profile (a date stamp) and build a custom service that polls the api, pulls the oldest unassigned ticket and assigns to the user who's assignment date stamp is the oldest. 

  • Justin

    Skill Based Routing will likely have this feature at some point. For now it's at least a convenient way to filter tickets.

  • Lightspeed POS Inc
    Community Moderator

    If I was going to avoid a 3rd party solution, Travis' solution be similar to what I'd be implementing.

    There are providers in the app marketplace that offer this kind of functionality though.



  • Ivo Pereira Tromm

    We understand that this suggestion is extremely important for many auto assignment scenarios. The intention would be to allow the creation of filters / rules that perform automatic assignment based on the maximum number of tickets by agents, for example. 


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