Change sort order of Manage Articles UI to allow Alphabetical order


  • Chris Lowe

    I've voted this up.

    Not being able to sort by article title is ludicrous.

    I am currently working on a document migration project from a folder structure into Guide.

    This is taking me 5 times as long as it needs to because my QA process is to check the folder against the ZenDesk content and check the documents off visually using a label, the folder structure has been transposed into ZenDesk sections in guide so at least I can do the documents bit by bit, the frustration is that they are not in alphabetical order and there is no matching sort order in the folder structure i.e. The modified dates do not correspond either.

    In addition, can we get a results per page option, without the ability to sort alphabetically, and having more than 30 documents make the process even more cumbersome.


    Seriously who thought that not sorting in alphabetical order was a good idea?

  • Chuck Martin

    Well, Zendesk did "improve" this functionality--although not in a way that authors would find useful to find articles.


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