Does the Answer Bot Model respond to Knowledge Capture linking events?


  • Zac

    Thanks Ricky. I had in mind situations where AB might not have attempted to serve an article, or might have served three articles that are completely irrelevant. In such a case, it would make sense for AB to take into account subsequent article links. For example:

    1. Agent marks all 3 answers as Not Helpful using Improve Answers
    2. Agent serves an article via KC app
    3. Guest self-solves after receiving the article, or indicates to the agent that the answer was satisfactory, prompting the agent to solve the ticket

    In such cases, there's an opportunity for AB to improve its model by watching how the agent interacts with the ticket and serves knowledge. Hope that can be taken into account for future updates to the product!

  • Ricky Davis

    Hey, Zac!


    Great question on AnswerBot! 

    AnswerBot does not take Knowledge Capture events into consideration for learning. Instead, the interactions in the comment line of the ticket, served by AnswerBot, have potential to increase performance. The 'Solve' is not exactly what helps AnswerBot learn. Agents can improve what AnswerBot returns by interacting with the comment area when an End User marks a suggestion as helpful or not helpful.

    You can read more about this process here:

    Working With AnswerBot for Agents

    And you can find best practices for serving articles and training AnswerBot here:

    AnswerBot best Practices

    I hope this helps!


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