Merged Tickets UX Improvements


  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    And allow us to set some fields before merging if they are marked as "required before solving".

    Allow us to add a tag to merged tickets.

    Allow us to UNDO a merge!

  • Diana

    It would also be great if we could have a prompt window to update or not the ticket fields (same as we have currently for mass editing tickets). This way we could ensure the ticket merged has the same type, brand etc.

  • Judd Higgins

    +1 for needing to ensure the Required Fields (such as Ticket Type) are filled out before merging.  My weekly metrics are showing so many NULL Ticket Type fields from merges.

  • Monica

    We had to turn off CCs to turn off merging tickets from different requesters.  This also locked down changing the requester on a ticket.  It would be better if these settings were separate.  I'd want to block merging tickets from different requesters but not block changing the requester.

    I agree with Heather, Diana, and Judd's comments


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