Scheduling ticket status directly from the ticket form?


  • Heather R

    Hi Helder, 

    Yes this can be achieved but it's a customization.

    I suggest coming up with a specific tag for each pending-> open timeframe.  Like reopen_in_24h and reopen_in_3d

    1. Create macros and make them available for all your Agents 
    • Macro for 24 hours should set the status to pending, add the reopen_in_24h tag
    • Macro for 3 days should set the status to pending, add the reopen_in_3d tag

           2. Then create Automations

    • Automation for 24 hours should look for the pending since 24 hours (calendar) and look for the reopen_in_24h tag. It should then set the ticket status to Open and REMOVE the reopen_in_24h tag
    • Automation for 3 days should do the same but for the 3day tag.

    Continue creating these as needed and train your agents to make the proper comment in the ticket and use the macro applicable to that ticket (!)

    That should work!

    Happy Zendesking :)


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