How to see the list of already solved tickets and search all tickets with a specific keyword?


  • Sharie Salilaguia

    Hi Mark,

    You would be able to see the the list of solved tickets in order of date with views. However, views would not be able to show the archived tickets. Please see this article for more information about ticket archiving.  You may refer to this article to learn more on how to create views. We apologize for the product limitation. Please keep in mind that whilst Zendesk is a ticketing system, which does send out email, we are not a true traditional email platform like Gmail for example. So there may be some features which traditional email CAN do, that Zendesk is not able too; primarily because we don’t have those features built into our software to date.

    With regard to your query about searching all ticket containing a specific word and then exporting the list of tickets, we would suggest taking a look at the Advance Search app which you can download at the marketplace. This acts almost as a wizard for search using more advanced criteria. It also allows you to export the results to CSV. You can find the app by going to Admin > Marketplace > Manage > Advanced Search app. After installing it, you will see a magnifying glass icon in the tool bar on the left part of the page.


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