Change axes names in Zendesk Insights


  • Jacob J Christensen
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    Hi Nicolás,

    If a chart has two or more metrics, but only one value axis the label it will show for that axis will be Value, I'm wondering that is what's going on here?

    You can use a secondary axis if that is the case, see more here.

    You can also hide metric / attribute names or labels if you want to, see more here.


  • Nicolás Machado
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    Yes, effectively I'm using two metrics: first time reply and priority (X axis) and I wanna measure the number of tickets meeting these criteria. 

    I've been seeing and trying to configure other charts with secondary axis. However, as I configured this chart, it looks like I gotta hide metric attributes and do some other editions once the charted is exported.

    Thank you very much, Jacob.


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