Ability to forward email to appropriate person so they can be deleted


  • Alexis Unzeitig

    Yes on this and agree with others - this seems to be basic functionality.  We're an online retailer and constantly get emails that need to be fwded on to other departments(marketing, social collaborations, HR, wholesale inquiries, buying/product manufacturers etc.) and are currently copying the content and pasting it into email and sending to the appropriate internal party.

    This has a huge margin for error and does not allow us to track/oversee properly.  

  • Helder

    @Nicole, we see ourselves in the same situation. We need to forward emails to our accountant, suppliers, etc. (They are not agents in our company, "they are external" so they cannot use Zendesk system). Zendesk presented us with some alternative workarounds - some are complex and others require extra charge on our monthly plan (!) - such feature should be native. It does not make sense that we have to pay extra in order to do something so simple as a forwarding.
    We look forward to the implementation of this feature!

  • Angela McMorrow

    I'm in the same situation. We regularly have to forward emails and the workarounds are so cumbersome and time consuming. I just wish dearly that there was a native forwarding feature. 

  • Steven Kelly

    Total agree with this train of thought. 

    It seems such a simple request to forward the entire message to non-zendesk users within a company.




  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Grae, Kelly, and Steven - 

    Thanks for your feedback. The email team is definitely aware of users concerns around both CC and forwarding functionality, and they're currently in an exploration process around all of the ways these things are currently used and the way that they ultimately need to be used. 

    Something that's really helpful in this exploration process is getting specific use-cases and examples, so if you have any of those details to share, that would be great! 

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks, Helder. There's no guarantee at this point that it's something that'll happen, but the detailed feedback is helpful when we're making the case for why this is needed. 

  • Alexander Reid

    +1 for ability to forward incoming emails natively


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