Solved, Pending, On-Hold to Open


  • Amy Dee
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    Hi Ryan! If the error is mentioning Status, you should double-check that value. Did you select Status from the Elements list on the right, under Attribute Values > Text Field? 

    There will also be some slight syntax errors with the rest of this metric. In Insights, "IN" is used for lists of values, while "=" is used for a single value. You'll need to flip those operators in your metric: 

    • ... [Text Field] New Value[Status] open AND [Text Field] Previous Value IN ([Status] solved[Status] pending[Status] hold) ...

    Apart from those details, the metric looks solid. It should measure what you described - a count tickets which moved from pending/hold/solved to open at any point. You should be in good shape with a little bit of cleanup.

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!


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