• Michael H

    @Jacob: Can you explain what the use case for this would be exactly, and why Zendesk would be the appropriate home for this information.

    For example, what are you trying to achieve from having this information within Zendesk?

    Are you just to drive customer awareness of seminars that may be relevant to their issues/needs/opportunities; or also to drive agent awareness of these so they can drive awareness amongst relevant customers?

    If that is the case, then Zendesk isn't going to be the application which best supports you to do this, as there's going to be other needs for your webinars such as registration, scheduling, etc - which isn't what Zendesk as a product is about.

    If the users are all internal, you'd be far better off using other internal networks and services such as Intranets, Shared Calendars, internal announcements and the like, for communicating what seminars are coming up, and for your agents to stay abreast for driving awareness and attendance.

    If the users are external, then you'd be far better off looking at hosted solutions for this need, which can integrate into your public website.

  • Heather R

    I wonder if Lessonly would have a solution or referral for you? https://www.lessonly.com/

  • Jacob Harper

    Yes, thank you. I am looking for the ability to notify my client base of upcoming webinars, events, etc. 

  • Helder

    @Michael Harris we are looking for a similar function.

    When our agents agree on a meeting with customer, there "should be" a way to add that meeting as an event to their personal g-calendar and the company team calendar.
    Is there a way to accomplish something similar?

  • Vincent Brendel - SweetHawk

    It may be worth checking out our Calendar app that allows you to attach events to tickets but also has very tight integrations with both Google Calendar and Office 365.


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