Please add Markdown support for KB Guide Articles


  • Franck

    Would be great to have this feature so that any articles could be written in a well known and common format.

  • Kate Noblett

    We have thousands of articles written in Markdown formatting on another forum provider, and we would like to transfer them to Zendesk Guide to consolidate our support process. 

  • Matt Barry

    Markdown editor would be great as it allows for a much simpler editing rather than using HTML or the CKEditor. The CKEditor gives too many options for those writing articles (such as font sizes and colors). HTML is not convenient to write articles in.

    Markdown would allow an easier way to create a style guide, and restrict article writers to only those options.

  • Chris Poore

    It's disappointing that neither support for direct markdown entry or import of markdown files are supported within Guide.  Crafting documentation on the fly with the burden of inline HTML or code snippets is a challenge worth solving.  How are others adapting their workflow, from the moment developers/tech writers leverage GitHub markdown for documentation?

    +1 for applying style guides without putting the formatting burden on the document author.  MD is a prevailing format.

  • Erkang Zheng

    We've been waiting for Zendesk to support Markdown and finally just did it ourselves. We wrote our docs in Markdown, put them in source repo, and use a script to transform the Markdown to HTML and publish to zendesk. You're welcome to copy/borrow what we've done:

    The Zendesk publishing script:

  • Pavol Kutaj

    Forking Erkang's script with the aim to remove the need to seed the index of articles manually (work has really just started):


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