How can I stop Zendesk allowing me to send an email to a phone number?


  • Jessie Schutz
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    Hi Emma!

    The best practice here would be to train your agents ask the caller for their email address to check whether they have a user profile in your Zendesk. Doing this at the beginning of call lets your agents identify whether the user has an existing profile and, if they do, see any other tickets they might have open.

    If the customer already has a user profile with an email address in your Zendesk, you can add the phone number to the existing profile, or merge the two profiles together.

    If the caller does not have an email address on file with you, your agents can add the caller's name and email address to the user profile that was created from the phone number.

    Once either of those tasks is completed, any subsequent calls will come in under the existing user profile - Zendesk will automatically set the correct requester.

  • Travis Tubbs
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    While I understand the answer provided to ensure the team's workflow is accurate is an understandable one, it doesn't address the actual issue. For those of us with smaller teams, things can get a bit hectic where workflows aren't followed to the T.

    I think Emma's request to be provided with a notification or the preventing of sending a Public Reply if there is not an email address is a reasonable request. I would love to see this. It'll help agents realize "Oh... crud. I forgot that." and hopefully reach back out to the customer (by phone) to correct that error.

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Thanks for taking the time to share this feedback Travis! I'll be sure to pass this feedback along to the appropriate team :)


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