Using Zendesk as Internal Communication Tool/Question Channel


  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Great questions, Charles. We'll see if we can get some more visibility for this post!

  • Socorro Fernandez
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    Hi Charles!

    I feel there is a bit of risk to lose information etc if all agents have access to tickets coming from a channel. Depending on your Group size and the amount of agents, you may be able to pull it off.

    My recommendation is to create a category in your knowledge base that is segmented to your agents only and to utilize this for updates/knowledge base information. Agents could then subscribe to sections or articles and any time there was an update to them, they would receive an email notification with the latest and greatest.

    Another communication tool may be the Notification App.

    With this app, Admins or identified groups can send real time announcements to currently logged in Agents at support. This app supports mark down so you could send links out etc:

    While this app is only going to send out to currently logged in agents, it wont be a solution for agents who may log in at a later time than when you sent out the notification. This is where you may leverage the agent only category for these information and updates.

    As far as Q and A and as an Admin, agents I support can submit tickets to me for assistance whether it is an enhancement update or a question/issue with Zendesk. In a sense, this is an internal queue for support and this is in addition to the support our agents give to our customers. Any ticket I solve here and that I believe has helpful  information for other agents, I could share it with agents. For example, I could create a Q and A article within the new Agent only Category.

    I have also reached out and worked with all the groups using our Zendesk to Identify a Zendesk lead within their group. Based on this, I have met with these Leads to provide larger updates. The frequency of these Leads meeting is dependent on how often you need to meet and provide updates.

    I just wanted to provide a few things our team has done in hopes this gives you more ideas on how to utilize Zendesk as an internal tool.

    Let me know if I may clarify any of this. Thanks!


  • Kelsey Davis
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    Hello - I am also looking for something like this. I manage a team split across timezones and we don't often get to speak to each other much at 11/12/13 hours apart.

    I would like to leave updates inside Zendesk on the Home sceen or somewhere easy to find with a quick summary fo the day, issues that arose and therefore what to keep an eye on. It would also be great to post well done messages etc.

    The Notify App only works for those currently online so that doesn't help me. If it made the messages available to soon to be online then that would fix this for me. But what is suggested above is also something I am interested in.

  • Devan
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    Hello Kelsey Davis,

    I would recommend as Socorro stated using something like the Notification App or possibly even a utility like Slack to bridge the time gap when communicating w/ your team. 

    Best regards. 


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