Business Hours: Quarter-Hour Steps, Half-Day Holidays & Holiday Repetition


  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for the feedback, Sebastian! 

    We're interested to hear from other users as well if you have similar needs.

  • Josh Deniet

    Yes! its ridiculous that holidays do not allow you set the hours, please improve schedules to include this functionality.

    For example our office closes at lunch on Friday for Christmas lunch, I am now forced to alter our business hours instead of setting holiday to start from 1pm, which I will need to set a reminder for myself to correct before next Friday.

    Come on Zendesk, pretty simple...

  • Ilse Kerkhof

    It would be very helpfull if we can set specific opening times for some days of the year. Like for example on December 24th, we will close earlier than a normal week day.

  • Thomas Wang

    +1. Yes we also would like to have this function because sometimes the teams only need to work half due to public holiday

  • Judith

    +1 we need this feature as well.

  • Kelly

    +1 - Count us in. We definitely need this functionality. 

  • Tyler Conlee

    +1 to this as well

  • Takeo Y

    Totally agree. We also need holiday business hour function.

  • Taylor Wilson

    +1 on the holiday scheduling by hours/half-day

  • Kenny Fulton

    Are there any updates on this request?

    At the moment, we are unable to automate our holiday schedule for regional holidays. 


    We have 3 'tiers' of support hours: Global (04:00 - 20:00 ET), Advanced (08:00 - 20:00 ET) and Foundation (09:00 - 17:00 ET). Our customers are supported within these hours based on the support tier they have purchased, regardless of their location. 

    However, our regional offices are closed for certain holidays that are not observed by other offices. For example, our UK office closes for Good Friday and Easter Monday but the US office does not. Because holidays can only be entered for the full day on a schedule, we can't enter these as holidays and need to manually adjust each of our business hours schedules on the week of the holiday (e.g, when the UK office is closed, we need to set the Global business hours to 09:00 - 20:00 ET) 

    I should be able to enter a holiday that accounts for the UK office being closed. I want to be able to say that on Monday 5th April that there is a holiday from 04:00 - 09:00 ET. This would allow me to set up all of our company's holidays for the year in advance, and automate our response emails to inform customers that our offices are closed when they submit tickets. 

    Currently, this is a manual task to update the schedules which is extremely impractical. 


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