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  • Jessie Schutz
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    Hi Cheryl!

    Can you be more specific about what you want to measure? Are you talking about agent status in Chat or Talk, or ticket status? Or something else?

  • Amy Dee
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    Hi Cheryl! Insights is not a real time reporting tool. It doesn't have any way to see the amount of time in the current state, since it does not maintain a live counter for durations. Instead, Insights is designed for historical analysis. It captures data after things change in Zendesk. 

    For real-time monitoring, you'd need different tools. Zendesk Talk and Chat have dashboards to help you monitor agent availability, while Support views allow you to monitor ticket volume. That should give you a solid place to start. Beyond that, it would depend on your use case and needs.

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!

  • Cheryl Keen
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    Thank you for your response, I will check out the dashboard




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