separate user access management admin role


  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    +1 This limit blocks us from considering a similar deployment. Right now, needing an admin user to do these tasks is poor security practice Full admin access should be as limited as possible. We'd like custom roles to be more flexible and allow us to assign specific abilities that full admins enjoy to other roles. 

    For this example, being able to assign a permission to Create, Update and Delete Agents would be really helpful!


  • Pascal Huybers

    Since there isn't such a separation, we use the AuditLog as evidence that administrators 'access management' only do access management  and 'config management' only do config management. 

    However, the possibillities for reporting on the Audit Log are as poor as possible, we have to copy-paste the AuditLog pages one by one manually into Excel or Access for further processing.

    I would like to create a report or view on the AuditLog or otherwise at least a button to download the whole table.

  • Pascal Huybers

    Also, it would be nice when the AuditLog was extended with a role column


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