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  • Jera
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    Hi Ashley,

    You can Group the tickets by status, as well as Order by Status to either Ascending or Descending. However, the Status order are as follows:

    • Ascending - New, Open, Pending, On-Hold, Solved, Closed
    • Descending - Closed, Solved, On-Hold, Pending, Open, New

    Currently, it's not possible to modify the order of the Status as what would you expect. If you view On-Hold tickets more often, I would suggest creating a separate View for On-Hold status only.

  • Moreland Gibbs
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    I want to see this also, it seems nonsensical to me for On-Hold tickets to sit below Pending.

    On-hold tickets potentially need agent action, whereas Pending don't as they are waiting on a customer response.

    As the system stands if we use "On Hold" then these tickets invariably end up on a second or third page, so they can easily be overlooked and forgotten.

    In our Unsolved Tickets list I would like to see the order:

    1. Open

    2. On Hold

    3. Pending

    This will ensure the agent will always keep an eye on On Hold items.



  • Devan - Community Manager
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    Hello Moreland Gibbs,

    While Ashley's workaround is the best recommend practice to accomplish what you are asking for, I would suggest posting your suggestions in our Product Feedback forum so our developers can consider your request for potential future updates.

    Best regards. 


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