• Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Quinton - 

    Can you provide some additional detail about your workflow? Are you saying that you would like to see this automated, or as something your agents could/would apply? Is there a reason you need it as an internal note rather than a tag or a custom field? 


  • Quinton Myers

    Hi Nicole,


    God forbid we miss a call and receive a voicemail, with the selected queue information being internally notated within the ticket, it provides us an opportunity to know what the call was for and how to tag it.

    I'd like this to be an automation that occurs for each call. I'd rather not have the system auto tag due to a very specific tagging protocol we use for reporting purposes. Also, I'd rather not a custom field as it creates a new column in the raw data export of all our tickets.

    I hope this makes sense and I'm happy to answer any further questions you may have.




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