Replying to correct tweet in ZenDesk


  • Joe Beaudoin
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hey Luke,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    You're absolutely right, Twitter does not put updates in chronological order once the respective updates have been brought over from Zendesk. This conflicts with Zendesk's method of ordering responses based on when they were received and which comment they were in reply to.

    The reason for this behavior is based on what Twitter thinks is "correct," which appears to be based on what is likely to get the most clicks and likes within their platform.

    Zendesk doesn't have any control or influence over how the comments and updates will be ordered once they are outside of the Support Interface. I'm sure that's irritating! But I'm afraid it's what's the case, no matter the intended order of the comments.

    Thanks again for reaching out! Hopefully this helps clarify the "why" for the unfortunately expected behavior.

  • Luke Thompson

    Absolutely, I think I poorly explained the issue -- my bad.


    The problem arises when I think I'm replying to the latest tweet in a ticket, it ends up reply to the first ticket, sorry about the poor image quality: 



    Wouldn't it make more sense for my tweet reply to be attached as a reply to the ticket below it on twitter (making a single thread, instead of many small -- similar to how the user response is on twitter)? Instead it's all being put under the parent ticket


  • Kyle Jones
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hey there Luke,


    Unfortunately, from my understanding of how the Twitter API threads this would be expected functionality. Since this is one DM originally, it's continuing the thread via one ticket. If you're talking about the threading order of those replies, that is.


    However, if I'm not quite explaining this or answering the question for you it might be more beneficial to send in a ticket to as we will then be able to troubleshoot this on a 1:1 level, but from here it does look like expected functionality-- The only thing a bit strange here to me is the single reply being out of order within that thread.


    I'm sorry if this doesn't quite answer it for you, but I hope it clarifies some points here.


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