Deleted attribute values showing up as <empty value> on reports, how to exclude them?


  • Amy Dee
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    Hi Jacky! When you delete a field value from a dropdown, that value is also removed from all the tickets that used to have it. The tickets do actually have an empty value in the field, which is what Insights (or any other platform) sees.

    You see "whatever_reason" in the Zendesk interface, because Zendesk remembers that the "whatever_reason" tag used to be associated with a value in that field. It's just a display reference for your agents. It isn't a real field value.

    Fortunately, the ticket should still have that "whatever_reason" tag. You can use the tag to find tickets that had the "Whatever Reason" value before it was removed. Please note, reporting on tags takes a few extra steps. I recommend this guide about Reporting on ticket tags.

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!


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