Merge ticket relationship


  • Nick Dushack
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Ajit,

    If referencing the ticket that was merged and viewing from within the Agent interface, you can see an Internal Note that states 'Request #xxx "Subject of merged ticket" was closed and merged into this request'. You will see a similarly worded Internal Note on the the ticket that was merged as well.

    If you want to list all tickets that were merged into another, you can complete a search for the tag 'closed_by_merge', which is appended every time the merge action completes. I hope this information gets you in the right direction Ajit.

  • Ajit Mote

    Thanks Nick ... Actually me looking for report which will give me merge ticket M and P ticket number in which M is merged. 


    Ticket merged  |  Ticket in which merged 

    1110345           |        111020

    1110346           |        111020


    I am able to get report which shows all merge ticket. You mentioned about comment which provide this information. Is there way to read all such merge ticket comment and parse this information? Me searched on all community forums but didn't get answer for such kind of report.



    Ajit Mote




  • Jon Daniels
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Ajit!

    While you aren't able to report directly on the comment text in a ticket, you can use that comment text to add a tag to a ticket, which you could then report on (I'm using the text was closed and merged into this request in the condition in this trigger):

    I hope this helps you build a trigger that adds a tag to indicate which tickets were merged into!



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