Assistance with Drilldown Settings For Tickets


  • Amy Dee

    Hi Jacob! At this time, you can't change the drill-in behavior from the report page. Reports can only drill into individual attributes. 

    Fortunately, dashboards give you more drilling options. From a dashboard, you can set up a "drill across," which can show a whole new chart.

    You can see it in action all over the "Insights - View Only" dashboard. For example, if you go to the "Tickets" tab and click the number for "Solved Tickets," it shows you a chart with the Ticket IDs, requesters, assignees, organizations, and groups.

    GoodData has more information in their article on Drilling Across. Basically, you create the first report the way you want it to show on the dashboard. Then you create a second report with all the details and minimal filters. (I strongly recommend using the same metric on both reports, to keep the results consistent.) Then, you link them up through the dashboard editing tools (from the article). 

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!


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