End-User's Private Comment over Email


  • McCabe Tonna
    Community Moderator


    Private comments are intended for agents. 

    If an end-user made a comment, how would that be private? 
    Private from who?

  • JJ Lim

    Hi McCabe,

    The idea was that a few end-users who are copied in the CC's could make private comment, rather than a public one where everyone will get a notification.



  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hey DBM!

    A couple things spring to mind here. If you're on the right plan level you could use the Light Agent add-on to give those users the ability to add private comments. If that doesn't work for you, you could perhaps use the Linked Ticket App or Project Management App to collaborate with them in a separate but linked ticket.

    Can you tell us more about these end users that would need to collaborate privately on your tickets?

  • Daniel Cooper
    Community Moderator

    There are some protections in place to prevent public messages from going out to certain parties.  I wouldn’t bank on these but they might help you achieve some of this. 

    If someone replies to an email they are no longer a CC or requester for, the comment is added privately to the ticket.  This would only be visible to those that still have access to see private comments. 

    In addition, if a reply is made and the requester is removed from the email, if I recall correctly, the comment comes in as private in that scenario too.

    I would lean towards light agents as a better solution, but these scenarios might help you manage some workflow if you are able to remove participants from the ticket and or train your end users to remove the requester.

  • JJ Lim


    Thanks for those insights! I will think about them.

  • JJ Lim


    In our context end-users are not just our external customers, but also internal staff who do not require access to Zendesk or manage tickets through the platform. For these internal staff who are rarely copied and needs to respond, we do need them to make a private comment instead of a public one. 


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