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  • Wes Drury
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    @Amy - While what you posted in basic HTML having a <p> tag in the middle of a list is not proper HTML.  Because of your <p> tag that is what is throwing everything off.  Remove that <p> tag and you will see that it will not duplicate your <ol> tags.  What exactly are you trying to accomplish here and can use the built-in editor for your ordered list or can you provide me with a small sample of your list so I can see exactly what your end goal is.

    If you are going to use a paragraph tag then it needs to be wrapped inside of a li unless you are trying to acheive something different.

    <p>Sample Paragraph within a li </p>
    <li>Why not just have text in the li instead of p</li>
  • Amy Gracer
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    The HTML works fine in my CleanXHTML and Responsive HTML sites.

    For example throughout this help: http://www.ddisys.com/help/home/ecom/Content/home-ecommerce.htm

    Here is one screen shot

  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Hi Amy,

    I'm sorry no one has been able to provide an answer for you yet. Are you still looking for a solution, or have you found one elsewhere at this point?

  • Amy Gracer
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    Hi Nicole,

    I have taken Wes' advice and modified all my code so that <p> a <ol> or <ul> were wrapped within an <li> tag when embedded in a list.

    It is tedious, but if it is the only way to make it work, then it has to be done. 




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