• Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for the feedback, Dale. Can you provide any additional detail about your use-case? (i.e. how this fits in your workflow and what impact it would have). 

    We'll also continue to collect comments and votes to gauge interest and need for other users. 

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    We use a custom date field for this and have the automation set up to look for the date in that field to set the ticket back to open. We also have a trigger to auto populate the date to 7 days from today if the agent puts the ticket to Hold status without selecting a date.

    I'm wondering if a similar workflow would work for you?

  • Dale Byers

    That would certainly work for us Heather!  How did you get the automation to look for the date in that field?  Set it as that date "is within" 1 day?  I do not see where I can choose for it to see if it is today?  I am just wondering how you told it to set to open for anything dated today in the automation.



  • Dale Byers

    In answer to Nicole's question, this would create the ability to have a tickler function that would allow the agent to set something on hold and have it brought back on a specific date, versus having a set amount of time for all on hold.  If I can get Heather's suggestion to work, I think it will meet our needs.

    Thanks to both of you!


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