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  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Mercedes - 

    Thanks for your question. What that means is that if you customize your theme and we then push an update to Guide from our side, we can't guarantee that our update won't break your custom code, or that everything you have changed will continue to work. If you customize your theme, you may have to fix things following a Zendesk update. 

    I'll let other community members speak to their experiences, though I'll note that many of our users heavily customize their Help Centers - as do we - so it's more something to be aware of and prepared for than it is a deterrent for implementing any custom code. 


  • Wes Drury

    @Mercedes - I've never seen any upgrade or change that has broken a custom theme.  Normally it just means that when Zendesk upgrades the Copenhagen theme those upgrades will not automatically appear.  Majority of the time Zendesk will give you the necessary code that you will need to manually copy and past in your theme.  Zendesk provides plenty of notice of these so-called "breaking changes".  Majority of the time you may not even need to worry about it as you may not use that particular variable or curlybar.  If you have customized your theme like 90% percent of other people then you will just have to do these changes manually. Hope this helps.

  • Mercedes Peters

    Thanks Wes, that is very helpful.  I think I'll be fine then as the only customization I am planning to make is the font.  Thanks!

  • Wes Drury

    @Mercedes - I don't believe you have anything to really worry about and if some awesome new feature comes out that you must have then all you will have to do is Create a new Copenhagen theme and just add your font in and you will be good to go.  Best of luck.


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