Bolding unread Support tickets or Support ticket replies


  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Kara,

    Are your agents working directly within the Support agent interface? If so, the expectation is that when an agent types up a reply to the requester of the ticket, they are setting that ticket to the Pending status letting themselves and other agents know that this ticket has been replied to. Once the requester of the ticket replies back, the system will automatically set that ticket status back to Open which means the ticket needs to be addressed again. This shouldn't require you to click into the ticket as the status should show directly from within the View you're looking at.

    Are you experiencing anything different on your end?

    Let us know!

  • Kara Mcclure

    Thanks Brett. Our tickets are all left in the open status, as the Managers want full visibility when they go into the box what clients they are awaiting replies from. Other ticketing systems do not require you to change the status of the ticket like this, so I wanted to request this feature be available as an option. 

    Appreciate your speedy response. 





  • Brett - Community Manager

    Appreciate you provide the feedback Kara :)

    As of now this is not something that's on the roadmap as the expectation with our ticket system is to use the Ticket Status to determine whether a ticket needs responded to or not.

    You've definitely posted in the right area though and this will allow others to join in on the feedback as well as provide visibility to our product managers.

    Thanks again!

  • Fatima Sbeih

    I have the same workflow as Kara and it has always been frustrating that there is no indication that a ticket has been responded to. Even if it is in Pending then Open, there should still be an indication similar to Gmail and other providers that this is a new ticket. The Zendesk Mobile App does this, unread or updated replies that haven't been read yet show up highlighted and with a dot on the left that indicates that its new 


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