Require Name and Reason for Account Assumption


  • Jonathan March
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    I've upvoted because enabling assumption does always lead to a round of internal emails that shouldn't actually be necessary. The name and reason will also be useful even for the requesting admin's future reference.

  • Stephen Belleau
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    I also think admins should have default access to all support tickets from their instance(s), without needing to be CCed. For example in addition to "My Requests" and "Requests I'm CCed on", there should be "My Organization's Requests". 

    That would make it easier to see why account assumption is being granted. Perhaps that would eliminate the need to enter a reason?

  • Dan Cooper
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    Hi Stephen, 

    This is a feature that exists today that you can use with your own customers.  You can create shared organizations so users can see their organization's tickets. It may be worth talking with your account representative to see if this is an option that Zendesk extends to their own customers to help make your requests to Zendesk more visible. 


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