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  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Hey Joelle -

    Great questions! A moderator or super-user program is an excellent way to reward your most helpful community members, build engagement, and get more people involved in answering your users' questions.

    At Zendesk, we take a less data-driven approach to identifying who would make a good community moderator. This is in part because a high level of activity doesn't always correlate with a high level of helpfulness. If a user posts a lot but all of their posts are just "+1" comments on feedback requests, they probably wouldn't make a good moderator. We keep our eyes peeled for users who offer up great answers or who pop up with some frequency, and when we see one of those folks, we click into their Help Center profile to see how long they've been using the Help Center, how many posts and comments they've done, and read through recent comments to see what their regular activity looks like. If we decide it's a go, we reach out in a ticket to thank them for their contributions and invite them to the program.

    Additionally, we let people indicate to us if they'd like to be a moderator or nominate others. We created an application & nomination form and once we receive that, will review the member to see if they've got the right stuff to become a moderator.

    As far as tackling a more data-driven method of identifying top users, you would probably need to make a series of API calls to determine who your most active members are. You can pull a list of comments on a per post basis (meaning that you'd need to run the call once for each post) and that would give you a list of the comments, who made them and when, and any votes on those comments. I would recommend seeing if someone can write a script to automate this process since it would need to occur so many times.

    You could then dump the results into a spreadsheet and see which user ID's appear the most frequently. That would give you your most active users.

    Hopefully that helps, and perhaps some other community members can chime in with how they identify super users in their communities. Let us know if you have additional questions!


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