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    Luke Behnke
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Boa tarde, Rodrigo!

    Good questions.

    1) This being an Early Access Program, we have not yet internationalized the Bot. I'll note that in our documentation so that is more clear. We may eventually do this in line with our product.

    2) Per our docs ( when a ticket is marked 'Closed', it cannot be reopened or edited. However, if a ticket is marked as 'Solved', and is then replied to, it should reopen. We also noticed that the Bot was not doing this properly, and a fix for this will be going out this week.

    3) We are investigating this issue. Will get back to you once we know more.

    Thanks for the comments and feedback!


    about #2, as I said the problem is that the ticket is closed and it is still being updated with new messages once the customer sends it. Since the ticket is closed and the customer sends a new message, the correct behaviour should be a new ticket with a new ticket number with the status set to New.


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