How can I organize View of "My Attention" tickets by requester time zone?


  • Benjamin Koehler
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    Hi Tom,
    User time zones are unfortunately not available as a condition within views, so there's not a quick way to sort by them.

    In the case you're describing, one good option could be to create a custom ticket field for time zone. To save you effort in creating these, you could group the timezones into regions like Americas, Pacific, etc.

    Luckily, triggers are able to use a timezone condition. So, you could create a trigger that sees the timezone upon ticket creation and sets the timezone in your custom field.



    You will then be able to select your custom timezone field in the "order by" dropdown of a view. 



    *The order in which you create the field selections will be the ascending order! 

  • Gabriel Gambill
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    While this works, a product should strive to not make customers work around artificial limitations like this... the data exists already. why make the customer create a trigger to recreate data that is already there.  tickets should be able to leverage and use user and organization data as parts of views, automations and triggers.  most importantly Views.  it is a dang join... it is not that hard you already have the link between the 2 tables... why is it this such a hard issue?  YOU REALLY NEED TO FOCUS ON THE PRODUCT THAT MADE YOU INSTEAD OF SPREADING OUT INTO OTHER AREAS LIKE CRM, AND ALL THAT NOISE AND IGNORING THE SUPPORT PRODUCTLINE!!!  I get the motivation to grow but you are doing it at the expense of your user base.  when was the last time you make a feature for support?  


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