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  • Wilfred Kaw
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    Hi Maddie,

    Thanks for your query here.

    I'm afraid we don't currently have a feature to display results based on JIRA fields. However, you may be interested in this type of workflow which could be what you're wanting to achieve, just in another way: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203660226-Updating-a-ticket-when-the-status-of-a-Jira-issue-changes. Views will be able to filter based on conditions and values such as tags, ticket updates, field values and so forth. So ultimately, if a Zendesk ticket gets updated when a JIRA status changes, then I would say this could work for you. Hope this helps!

    Zendesk Support | Wilfred Kaw | Customer Advocate - Technical Support Engineer - APAC | support@zendesk.com


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