Customers complaining about missing email body


  • Carsten Falborg

    Hi Chris
    It's not completely unthinkable that a combination of content, email template and email client can produce errors. One way to check is to have the effected customer look at the source code of the received email. If it contains the data from the zendesk response it's a rendering error with the template Vs the email client. If the email is indeed empty then it's an error from zendesk.

  • Patrick Bosmans

    Thanks for the post Carsten!

    Chris, he's right, a number of factors can contribute to how the email is being displayed by the user's mail service.  I would also recommend looking at the source code to see what it holds vs what is being shown.

    If you find that the source code does not contain the expected information, I would recommend sending in a request to along with specific ticket examples that our agents can look at to see what occurred in those cases.



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