Feature request: Allow selection of agents from Groups in triggers


  • Stephen Belleau
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    I think the right solution for Zendesk to implement would be to allow a different type of group to be created. When I create a group, I would like to choose between:

    • Ticket Group (functions the way it does today, for ticket and agent workflow)
    • User Group (specifically for the purpose of email notifications, and permissions such as app/view/macro visibility)

    The important factor is that tickets should not be allowed to be assigned to a User Group. 

  • Dan Cooper
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    I would love to see this go even further by allowing the addition of freeform email addresses to be sent to.  Side conversations may allow for this, but I would love to be able to just provide some email addresses.  I think Stephen's example of user groups is a better solution for workflows and admin maintenance, but sometimes typing in an email is the most flexible solution.  


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