Macro Revision History


  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Eric,

    Macro Revision History is currently not on the roadmap, however, we appreciate you creating this post in our Product Feedback forum to help provide visibility to our Product Managers and other users in need of the same feature.

    Thanks again!

  • Dillon

    +1 to this feedback request for revision history on macros.

    I'd like to see "revision history" feature rolled out for macros, ticket fields, and other Support objects like you have done with triggers.

    We are currently very heavily reliant on a repository-based setup for editing macros, mainly for the VCS functionality and for the ability to peer-review a macro change before it is pushed to Zendesk. This would be a huge help with rolling out a project that will enable macros editing from Zendesk directly instead of our current repository-based workflow.

  • Dan Cooper

    I agree that there should be revision history with Macros.  I've seen many scenarios where macros are locked down because there is a concern that agents will change them and modify branding that should be controlled.  It would allow a ton more flexibility to allow for more agents to be involved in editing them and allowing for the revision history to inform the team if something was changed.  This would allow for broader assistance in maintaining macros, better ability to hold agents accountable if something does get messed up, and broader visibility into the messaging that a company is using as they evolve their product. In addition, they provide a way for us to rollback changes that may not have landed the way we expected.  This is huge considering there isn't a sandbox to production push (although macros are much less impacted here than other business rules and features). 

    Revisions is one of those features that it makes sense to have across the Zendesk Support platform as these allow for tons more transparency.  I'd love to see it continue to push across the platform. 


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