Light Agents access to Explore


  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Tilly,

    Thank you for the feedback. Can you tell us more about how you use light agents and what you would need them to be able to do in Explore?

  • Tilly Martin

    Hi Nicole, 

    Sure - an example would be our Customer Account Managers who are Light Agents. They are able to log into Zendesk and look at Dashboards we have created using Insights. We are in the process of trying to move towards Explore, but if they are not able to log in and self-serve this could be a real blocker. 



  • Glenn Evershed

    We are having the same issue but with a twist in that we are a relatively new customer and we did not build out insights for our light agents and instead are focusing on the insights replacement (to not duplicate work or expend effort in building out something that will eventually go away) to have a good overview of customers and our support performance.

      We have light agents that do not deal with customers on issues directly that are on other teams (Product Deployment, Customer Success Management, etc.) and need to have  visibility to support performance of these customers to have a focus on analytics when conducting either weekly calls or for QBR's. These light agents do not require a full license as they will never need to reply to the customer through a ticket or through Zendesk but provide internal comments for our support agents when necessary.

    It is ESSENTIAL that these light agents have access to view reports or have the same capabilities in Explore as they have with Insights as it is key component of our customer management strategy and defined ticket workflow management. 

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for the additional context, Tilly. 

    Glenn, thanks for sharing your use-case. 

  • Wesley Shi

    We use light agent roles for Zendesk users who do not need to make public comments but need more access than end-users.  Many of these light agents need to view reporting information that Explore can now provide.  This is a major blocker for us because we are a fast-moving organization needing to make informed business decisions on our support data.  

    Please add support for light agents in Explore!

  • Andrew Forbes

    Hi all -


    This is something our Product team is currently working on building. Long story short, we didn't have this functionality completed in time for Explore launch. Our team is aiming to give Light Agents access to Explore in Q2 of this year.


    - Andrew

  • Glenn Evershed

    Great news Andrew, thank you!!

  • Tilly Martin

    Great news!

  • Tanawat Oonwattana

    do we have any specific date that this release will be coming out?

  • Luke Hutchings

    I would also like to know specifically when this access will be released. We are currently in the process of altering our workflow away from Insights/Gooddata and to Explore and light agent access will be very helpful. 

  • Laurent Claeys

    Would you have an update on release date for this option? 



  • James Ripley

    I would also like to know when this option will be released.  Is there an EAP?


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