• Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Mercedes -

    You're correct, there's not functionality within Guide to do this. However, Zendesk Connect allows you to create proactive messaging that you may be able to leverage for this purpose.

    Is this something that you would want to have a default to show to all customers, or something that would be personalized for a given user or segment of users? If it's the former, you could simply create a "getting started" guide with a series of articles in your knowledge base to help guide them through the first things to read.

  • Mercedes Peters

    Thanks Nicole.  A couple follow-up questions:

    • Zendesk Connect seems like it integrates with Support, but not Guide; is that accurate?
    • Regarding your question above - I would want it to be personalized to a set of users.  Creating a "Getting Started" series of articles might work, however, there's no way for users to be able to check off which ones they have completed, correct?  (That is, without customization?)

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