Pre-fill web widget or identify user with custom fields


  • Daniel Aron

    You can prefill visible fields using the fields setting api. For security reasons, we don't currently support sending "hidden fields" aka additional data about the user with a ticket or identify requests. We are planning to investigate a solution for this, and I'll post here when we have an update.

  • Carlos Posadas

    Any timeline on adding support for custom hidden fields with customizable pre-populated information?  or due to the aforementioned security reasons is this not something that is planned for the near future.  

  • Daniel Aron

    Hi Carlos, it is planned however I can't provide a specific ETA at this stage.

  • Keith Nerdin

    So I'm assuming the fact that since Zendesk doesn't support sending "hidden fields" then it's not possible to send a typeform in an email using Zendesk Connect and be able to set it up to work the way you can using tools like Mailchimp or Autoplit? 

    (Below is a snippet from this Typeform help article.)


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