Have an option to make fields uneditable from Agents.


  • Sebastiaan Wijchers

    Hey Gasper,

    Do you have any development resources available in your company? Because it would probably be very easy to put something together with the ticket.subject.changed event. Not that it invalidates your request!

    With kind regards,


  • Gasper Jubani

    Hi Sebastiaan,

    thank you for the feedback.

    Unfortunately not. Are you guys using some solution to this already?

    We have recently started using Zendesk and this field is really a pain for us as is so easy to add anything on it without even noticing that you have done it.

    Kindest regards,


  • Sebastiaan Wijchers

    I've done something like this with the brand field, but not yet with the subject field. Drop me a message at sebastiaan@codecairn.com, then we can keep this topic for discussion about your feedback/feature request, instead of some technical work-around! :)

  • Dave Kaminsky


    There are many requests like already.  I would suggest adding your vote to each and cross-posting this request on each.  Zendesk has responded to many read-only field feature request as "there are not enough customers asking for this" or "we do not see how this will add value to your use of zendesk" type statements. 

    Read / Write Permissions on a field, dropdown, etc is such a common feature to ensure good data hygiene that I was shocked that Zendesk does not have this capability out of the box.  This is part of why I am beginning to re-evaluate the continued use of Zendesk at my organization. 

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Gasper -

    Thank you for your feedback! We always appreciate hearing from our customers.

    As Dave mentioned there is an existing product feedback discussion about read-only ticket fields for agents and you're welcome to add your comments and vote to that thread. If you do, I encourage you to provide some additional detail about your use-case (i.e. how this fits into your workflow and what kind of impact it has on your business).

    The product team is not currently working on this request as they have fully committed all of their resources to other projects in 2019, but we are continuing to collect use-cases that can help them if and when they decide to revisit ticket fields.


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